What is Henna?
  Henna is a plant that grows in warm climates. The dried leaves are made into a paste and used on the skin to create temporary designs.
It is a non-intrusive body art, only coloring the top layers of skin, and gently fading. Henna has been traced back to 8000bc...an ancient beauty secret and art form that safely withstood the test of time.
(beware of 'black henna' which is really 'black hair dye')

Our henna powder 
is mixed with:
  hot water, 
lemon juice and 
essential oils.
Click the hand to see it drawn
Click the mud to see it mixed
WE Guarantee your henna experience:

48 Hours after your henna is applied:
If your color has not developed fully 
We will gladly re-apply...this is a fault of the stain and we can help you...
You need to contact us first, and send us a text of the weak henna- and it must be in 48 hours.

If it for some reason it fades dramatically under 5 days, send us a picture immediately. 
We do not offer any full refunds.
We can offer you partial credit towards your next henna.

Generally, with some care, 
OUR HENNA LASTS a week to several weeks depending on several factors :
-How long the paste was on your skin
-The location of the henna
-The temperature of the environment.

HOW LONG do I wear the 
Henna Paste on my skin? 
(We include lemon sugar treatment
 to help the henna paste stick to the skin }
Wear any where from a minimum of 2 to 12 hours, the longer you can wear the henna the darker it can set. 
Some people wrap it with tissue and sleep in it.
Wash it off with lemon juice,
olive oil before you bathe.

WHERE YOU WEAR the henna can also affect the color- skin has varying thickness, the thicker the skin, such as feet and hands, the deeper the color

YOUR BODY HEAT is a catalyst for henna, bringing out the deepest color, opening your pores and activating henna's color.

HOW DO I CARE for my henna design? ALWAYS
remove the henna crust with lemon juice, and protect design with OLIVE OIL/coconut oil before you bathe/wash/swim.

TO REMOVE an older faded  henna design, scrub with a soapy wash cloth.

WHY IS MY HENNA ORANGE? Henna takes a full 48 hours- 2 days to get from orange into dark brown.

Real henna has withstood the test of time as a soothing comfort to the skin and is SAFE...
 I have applied henna to 18 years of people and this has produced three cases of slightly irritated redness around the henna. Two customers announced their sensitive skin condition before hand, one washed the henna off for instant relief. Regardless of the slight redness around the henna, the others kept wearing it no problem. Washing any reaction from henna with soap and water is a smart idea. The ingredients with in the henna paste, such as lemon, eucalyptus, all can be a determining factor possible skin reaction.  Usually people who are sensitive will ask about ingredients. Hopefully common sense will prevail.



(beware of 'black henna' which is really 'black hair dye' being sold as henna it contains PPD and many people have allergic reactions)

White Henna

White henna is not henna - it is simply hair gel mixed with white luminescent powder- it lasts only for a day. It has been making a big impact on the internet as it looks great in photos! 
We use a temporary tattoo waterproof paint at our shop, and it can last 7-10 days.  We hand paint your design.​  It simply removes with rubbing alcohol an time you want it off.

JAGUA GEL - Safe Black"

 A Fruit Gel from Central America.
The unripe fruit in harvested for its juice that leaves the skin stained a blue black color.
Originally used by the Amazon forest native residents and dates back to the Aztec Warriors.
  Shamans use it for protective symbols, picking the fruit from the forest themselves.  Jagua is safe for everyone. 

  Jagua does not contain PPD or any other toxic chemicals.
  Jagua is not henna, 
nor does it contain henna, but it does effect the top layers of skin like henna.

Jagua dyes the skin blue-black, 
just like the color of a permanent tattoo.

 Jagua lasts on average 10-14 days on the skin, then disappears completely.

 * Skin type, and where it is applied on the body, may produce slight variations in color.

  It takes 12-24 hours for the color to appear and fully develop:
​-wear 2 hours, 
wash off/peel off in steamy shower, 
Do not pick it off with your fingers: it will stain your fingers
Do not leave any residue of the paste on your skin, wash it off thoroughly all down the drain.
Do not sweat in it,
It will smear and smudge. 
Do not leave it on longer than 2-4 hours.
It is not henna it is Jagua. Use it accordingly.
Wash off thoroughly before sleeping
It goes from invisible light blue to 
dark blue black over night...
be patient...48 hours to full color.
Moisturize Daily and Before Bathing- use natural
oils only to preserve your design.

JUST A REMINDER:::::::!!!!!!!​
​Make sure you let the Jagua gel sit on your skin for two hours only. Do not pick at it or it will stain your fingers. Do not sleep in it or it will stain you in places you never expected.
Peelings must be washed down the drain - they can still stain things.
  Jagua is a dye and will stain if it comes in contact with clothing or furniture, but not after the initial gel is removed from the skin.

  * Swimming in chlorinated pools will make Henna And Jagua tattoos fade more quickly.

HOW MUCH does Henna/Jagua Cost? Depends on what you get...
Anywhere from $15 to $50 on average.
Show us the design you like and we can name you a custom price

DO I NEED an appointment? We recommend a call  or text before you stop over.
631 935 2714

6 East Carver St. 
Huntington NY 

Freshly applied
 henna, turns from 
green into dark brown.
Henna crust removed with lemon juice, 
Bright Orange color 
48 Hrs LATER...
Orange Brown
Jagua gives 
Wash off entirely!
 It goes from
light blue 
dark blue black 
over night...
be patient...!!!
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